Tickets to all RT SideQuest events may be purchased through Ticketbud. Here are the events we’re currently offering tickets for:

RTX SideQuest


Q: Wait. There’s just one ticket this year?
A: YES! We’ve simplified things so that you only need to buy ONE ticket to RTX SideQuest! Your badge will get you into all RTX SideQuest events – The Cocktail Party and Charity Auction, the BarLympics, andThe SideQuest Lounge at the RTX SideQuest Wrap-Up Party!

Q: When and where are all the events?
A: Our schedule for 2016 is as follows:

6/30/16 8pm CST – Midnight CST at the Radisson Hotel & Suites:
The 5th Annual RTX SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction

7/2/16 10pm CST – 2am CST at Buffalo Billiards:
The RTX SideQuest BarLympics
NOTE – This venue is age-restricted: 18+

7/3/16 10pm CST – 2am CST at Buffalo Billiards:
The SideQuest Lounge at the RTX SideQuest Wrap-Up Party
NOTE – This venue is age-restricted: 18+

Q: What’s the difference between The SideQuest Lounge and the RTX SideQuest Wrap-Up Party?
A: RT SideQuest has rented all of Buffalo Billiards for Sunday night for a party for ALL RTX attendees. The upstairs area (The SideQuest Lounge) will be restricted to RTX SideQuest badge-holders only.

Why did your ticket prices go down from 2015?
A: Unfortunately because the Monday after RTX is July 4th, a holiday, The Salt Lick will be closed – eliminating our farewell lunch. So we’re passing the savings from cutting that event along to you!

Q: Will tickets be available at the door?
A: No. The logistics of selling tickets and checking people in at the door are just too messy. We will NOT be selling tickets at the door.

Q: Does the RTX SideQuest badge get me in to RTX?
A: No. RTX SideQuest is totally independent of RTX proper. An RTX SideQuest badge does not get you into RTX, and an RTX badge does not get you into RTX SideQuest. RT SideQuest is run by and for Rooster Teeth community members and is not directly affiliated with Rooster Teeth Productions or RTX Exhibitions.

Q: Do I need to have a badge/ticket to RTX to attend RTX SideQuest?
A: NO! In fact, we’ve had people attend JUST RTX SideQuest in the past and skip out on RTX.

Q: Where will I pick up my badge?
A: You will be able to pick up your badge at any RTX SideQuest event. We will likely have a dedicated badge pickup time sometime on Thursday afternoon before the auction, but details have not been finalized.

Q: Are all the events in the same place as last year?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there a dress code for the Cocktail Party and Charity Auction?
A: We’d like for people to dress up a bit. Most people will be dressed in business casual and fancier attire, so if you come in shorts and a t-shirt you may feel under dressed.