Programming note: This page was created for RTX 2012. If you are looking for RTX 2013 information, this may be outdated.

RTX MMXII: Gaming Meets The Internet
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Center of Texas
You are standing in the middle of Austin, Texas; a concrete jungle of hipsters and live music.
You are hungry.
There is a map here.
> get map
The map appears to have a description of the contents.
> read description

A Visual Guide to RTX

Greetings traveler! This map should help you find your way around Austin while you’re here for RTX!

We’ve included quite a few things to help you plan your adventures during the convention. Here’s what you’ll find on the map:

Good luck on your adventure! (Beware of the Grue!)

Note: Keep an eye on this page as RTX approaches. We’re going to be adding more functionality in the near future. This is just a small taste of what we have in store for you!