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Note: We are in the process of updating the guide for 2015. Currently some links may be broken and some information outdated.

But bookmark this page and come back during RTX for the best of what Austin has to offer!

Welcome to the crown jewel of RT SideQuest: Our interactive guide to places both delicious and fun!

This whole project started with Count3D’s massive list of places that he had heard good things about via the RT Podcast, journals, Twitter, etc. We wanted to share that knowledge with the world, and provide some suggestions of our own along the way!

What you’ll find in the guide is a great collection of some of the best food that Austin has to offer! We’ve tried to stick to just local fare, so you won’t find McDonalds or Burger King on here! There may be a few local chains, but most of these stops are totally unique to Austin!

To use the guide, simply click on/tap (if you’re on mobile) what you’re trying to find. Maybe you want a particular type of food? Maybe you’re looking for a place to get some supplies? Maybe you just want some place that will deliver to you? Or a place that’s always open? Perhaps you want to just find a place that was recommended by Mr. Burnie Burns himself? Or a list of every place recommended by the RT cast and crew We’ve got it all.

Once you make a selection, the site will grab everything in our database that matches your request, try to determine your location, and then sort them based on what’s closest to you! If for some reason we can’t get your location, we’ll use the Austin Convention Center as a default.

Keep in mind that we’re always updating this list and working on the back-end, so you may notice some things not quite right from time to time. If you notice anything obscenely broken, or have suggestions, please let us know by contacting us.


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