Community Group and Event Map

Looking for a local community or event? Let RT SideQuest guide you there with this map! We’ll keep this as up-to-date as possible using the RT community event calendar, information from groups that we’re keeping track of, and other things we hear about via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
You can filter the map to find groups or events. Groups are labeled on the map with group-2 while events are marked with party-2red We’re in the process of filling out as much information as possible for each entry. For the time being, the best thing to do to find out more information is to click the “More Details” link that shows up on each entry.

If you’re running a regional community group/event that isn’t on the map, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

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Title Category Address Description
77 6/14 - RT:CO 2014 Event 1634 18th St., Denver, Colorado 80202
66 RT fans Guatemala and Centroamerica Group Guatemala
65 RT Georgia Group Georgia
63 RT Illinois Group Illinois
62 TBA - RTNW Event Seattle, Washington
61 Roo Teeth Group Australia
57 RT MN Group Minnesota
55 8/9-8/11 - Toronto: UNCONVENTIONAL Event Toronto, Canada
54 RTCalifornia Group Canyon Country, California
53 RT Community San Diego Group San Diego, California
52 RvB:Scotland Group Scotland
49 8/1-8/3 - RvBUK 2014 Event Leicester, United Kingdom
48 RvB : UK Group London, United Kingdom
47 Rooster Sheep Group New Zealand
46 RTNL Group Netherlands
42 Irish RT Community Group Ireland
40 RT: AB Group Edmonton, Canada
39 RT Arizona Group Arizona
38 RvBFL Group Florida
37 RTFL Group Florida
36 Colorado RT Members Group Colorado
35 RvB Los Angeles Group Los Angeles
34 RvBCA Group California
33 ARvB Group Wall Rose, Arkansas Twitter: @RoosterTeethAR Facebook:
32 RTAR Group Little Rock, Arkansas
30 RvB Alabama Group Alabama
28 RT Michigan Group Michigan
27 Houston Rooster Teeth Group Group Houston, TX
26 RT:DFW Group Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
25 RvB:TX Group Texas
24 RT Ohio Group Ohio


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