Community Compendium

Inspired by the many “How can I get more involved in the Rooster Teeth community?” questions we’ve seen posted on the RT site and other places like Reddit, we’re pulling the best suggestions we’ve seen into one place.

RTSQ has focused more on the charity side of things lately, but we’ll never forget our roots. Our motto is “Connecting Community and Charity”, so this “Community Compendium” is our way of making good on the first half of that promise.

Note: Consider this version 1.5 of the Community Compendium. It is very much a work in progress. It will be reformatted, updated and streamlined in the future.

First, some suggestions from the founder of RT SideQuest and a fixture of the RT Community for years, Dominic Dobrzensky (Count3D):

Rooster Teeth is not your average company. So it follows, this is not your average community. For over a decade there’s been a strong relationship between company and community. So you’ve signed up and you’d like to get involved with the community. What now? For starters, if you aren’t already a Sponsor, you should consider it because sponsoring opens up a variety of new ways to interact with the community. Sure there are the “normal” benefits like early video releases, the live video podcast, and special sponsor only videos, but you get a bunch of community tools too! You’ll be able to access the sponsor forum, sponsor chat, your site usage, users watching you, and see who’s positively modding your posts!

  • What are your interests? Start by checking out the forums, chat (If you’re a sponsor), groups and events for places or activities being organized by fans. There might be someone in your area! If there isn’t, consider taking the opportunity to make one yourself!
  • Learn when to Join and when to Watch. On the RT community site, each of these has a specific purpose. using the Join button in a group signifies that you want to participate in it, and automatically puts the group on Watch. When you have a group on Watch, group news updates will show up in your main feed, and you’ll (usually) get alerts when something new is posted.
  • Community Stats can be interesting to find people to watch. It’s a grab bag of people who’ve been there a while, so they usually know something about the community. Most Liked changes most often and paints a good picture of really active and really involved users. Most Online has been broken for a while, so I wouldn’t look to it for useful information. Most Watched and Highest Karma have a wide variety of users, dig around to find someone active with stuff that interests you. And of course, there’s always Top Posts to browse through. There’s a lot of interesting users out there!
  • After being on the site for a while, I used to do a kind of social “surf”. I would go through people that I have on watch and see who was commenting on mutual stuff as a way to find people that talk about things we have in common. Keep your eye on the Community Spotlight page too, it’s a great place to find out about new things happening in the community. Within your home profile there’s four tabs: Feed, Watching, Likes, Everyone. The Everyone tab is the best for seeing the latest content within the community. Also, if you’re a Sponsor, there’s a link that allows you to look up all of your Friends’ Journals in one area.

And what’s a community without the community members?

  • SailorTweek is a friendly and great community member to watch. She’s Co-Head of the RTX Guardians (With her husband, sirNARVY), she loves supporting the community, she’s helpful with questions and has volunteered for RT many times.
  • Mods and Admins are here to help too. You’ll find that many forums have specific Moderators looking out for them. If there’s an issue you can’t solve, or you have a question about the site, contact a Mod or Admin.
  • RT Radio, a project from Caiti, has weekly music playlists and community chat sessions for all Sponsors.

If you like to collaborate, you’ll quickly find there’s a variety of projects being undertaken by lots of groups!

Dom is awesome, and is directly responsible for RT SideQuest becoming the force for good that it is today. Inspired by Dom’s suggestions and other community members, Grady (GB330033) has put together the following categorized list of RT community groups.

The Groups page on the RT site ( can be a bit chaotic and unhelpful, so we compiled this list to make it easier to find a group that you might be interested in. As the list grows, the categories will become better defined, and hopefully you’ll be able to easily find a group to join and start working/playing with! We tried to only include ACTIVE groups, and we’ll prune out inactive groups as time goes on. In some cases, especially with the regional groups, even inactive groups were included in hopes that more attention could liven them up.

RT Community Group and Event Map

Looking for a local community or event? Let RT SideQuest guide you there with this map! We’ll keep this as up-to-date as possible using the RT community event calendar, information from groups that we’re keeping track of, and other things we hear about via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
You can filter the map to find groups or events. Groups are labeled on the map with group-2 while events are marked with party-2red We’re in the process of filling out as much information as possible for each entry. For the time being, the best thing to do to find out more information is to click the “More Details” link that shows up on each entry.

If you’re running a regional community group/event that isn’t on the map, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Filter by

Title Category Address Description
63 6/14 - RT:CO 2014 Event 1634 18th St., Denver, Colorado 80202
53 RT fans Guatemala and Centroamerica Group Guatemala
52 RT Georgia Group Georgia
51 RT Illinois Group Illinois
50 TBA - RTNW Event Seattle, Washington
49 Roo Teeth Group Australia
48 RT MN Group Minnesota
47 8/9-8/11 - Toronto: UNCONVENTIONAL Event Toronto, Canada
46 RTCalifornia Group Canyon Country, California
45 RT Community San Diego Group San Diego, California
44 RvB:Scotland Group Scotland
43 8/1-8/3 - RvBUK 2014 Event Leicester, United Kingdom
42 RvB : UK Group London, United Kingdom
41 Rooster Sheep Group New Zealand
40 RTNL Group Netherlands
39 Irish RT Community Group Ireland
38 RT: AB Group Edmonton, Canada
37 RT Arizona Group Arizona
36 RvBFL Group Florida
35 RTFL Group Florida
34 Colorado RT Members Group Colorado
33 RvB Los Angeles Group Los Angeles
32 RvBCA Group California
31 ARvB Group Wall Rose, Arkansas Twitter: @RoosterTeethAR Facebook:
30 RTAR Group Little Rock, Arkansas
29 RvB Alabama Group Alabama
28 RT Michigan Group Michigan
27 Houston Rooster Teeth Group Group Houston, TX
26 RT:DFW Group Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
25 RvB:TX Group Texas
24 RT Ohio Group Ohio


RT Community Groups by Category

The RT community not only lives all over the world, but we also have a diverse set of interests. The groups below represent various interests and projects around the community. Some subsections are alphabetized, while others are just listed in whatever order they were found in.

Community Collective

These are community groups that help people find community groups. It’ll make sense once you join them, I promise.

The Rooster Teeth Community – One of the best groups to keep up with if you want a good overview of what’s happening in the community.
RT’s Community Content of the Week – Usually promotes new content every week. Inactive for a bit, but join and I know it’ll pick up.
RT SideQuest – Shameless plug. Join + Watch for ways to connect with the community and contribute to charity.
Promotions – An up and coming group to help community members get their art, music, and videos out to a wider audience.


If you’re looking for new friends to bond and chat with, these are the groups to join!

Red Team After Dark (RTAD) – These night dwellers host a podcast and community game nights, make Let’s Plays, and chat in Sponsor chat.
Rooster Speak – A group with a Team Speak server that also hosts game nights, makes Let’s Plays, and other fun events.
Team DBAH – Tough gaming task ahead? Don’t be a hero! Grab some buddies to help!
RT/AH Welcoming Committee – Want to help welcome new members into the community? This is the place!
Ladies of Rooster Teeth – A collection of lovely ladies who connect over games and girl talk.
Dudes of Rooster Teeth – Pretty much the same as the Ladies of RT, but with more dicks. Literally.
The Latecomers – Another mixed bag social group that has a podcast, game nights, etc. Primarily contains “new” community members.
The Golden Group – Similar to The Latecomers, a new mixed bag social group with something for everyone.
RT Reboot – Inspired by a thread on the /r/roosterteeth sub-Reddit, a group that wants to bring the community closer together.
RT Wannabes – Community members that aspire to work with Rooster Teeth, or at least in a similar field.
RT 3rd Generation – Another group comprised of members who one day want to work at RT.
Firehouse Hostel – These fine ladies and gents are booking rooms at the Firehouse Hostel in Austin for RTX 2014.
Movie Watchers – A group that’s been around forever dedicated to watching and chatting about movies as a group.
Screen Gems – Sort of a “‘lil brother” group to Movie Watchers. Find movie news and reviews here!
LGBTQSA – All you need is love. A group for acceptance, no matter what.


Looking for a new podcast or show to keep up with? Maybe you’re an aspiring podcaster who needs some inspiration or wants to chat with other content creators? Then the following groups are for you!

Glib Shark – Born out of Late Nite Jenga Jam, one of, if not THE oldest RT community podcasts
Community One on One – Regular interviews with RT community members!
Epic Rap Battles of Rooster Teeth – Inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History, but with an RT flair
Mikecast – It’s Mike. He’s casting.
Country of Offline – The girls of the Mikecast chat decided to start a show!
Podcast of Doom – A new geek-centric podcast from an RT community member
Internet Box – Do they really need an introduction?
Achievement Hunter Animated – Community member TuxedoMob brings you animated versions of Achievement Hunter shows!
The Eighty7 – A weekly Wednesday podcast
Retcast – Chatting about movies, comics, games, and more
BLTTP – Community members Ben and Connor come together to chat about stuff!
The Forum Thread – A crew of five community members talking about whatever comes to mind
Titleless Podcast – I’d say the title says it all, but… Yeah. A new podcast that could use some more listeners
IMU Podcast – International Mash Up Productions has a podcast and more!
RT Radio – A weekly “radio” show from Caiti in Sponsor Chat, often featuring guest DJs
RvB Trivia GameGodslilTippy hosts RvB trivia every week during RvB seasons, but she’s trying to start doing it more regularly!

Community Hunters

These groups make up the Achievement Hunter Community Hunter community. If you’re a budding Achievement Hunter looking to start making videos, you’ll want to get involved in these groups.

Community Hunters – The big one. This is where you start if you want to start making Achievement Hunter videos.
AHTV – Technically not a Community Hunter group, but a great group to join if you want to get involved in the AH community
Community Challenge – Sort of like a competitive Things To Do In
Custom Creations – A Community Hunter series that examines custom maps, gametypes and other creations
Imaginary Achievements – You kinda have to watch it to understand

Let’s Plays

AH Community Let’s Play & TTDI Playdates – A little bit of Let’s Play, a little bit of Game Night, and a little bit of Thinks to Do In
Community Let’s Plays – I can’t really describe it any better than the title
Community Let’s Play! – Despite what you may think, this is not the same as the group above
Xbox Let’s Plays

Minecraft Servers/Groups

Need some new friends to play Minecraft with? Well several RT community groups host their own servers, and some even replicate the Achievement Hunter Let’s Play maps!

Trophy City (Minecraft PS3) – A replica of Achievement City on the PS3
Official Trophy City – A replacement for the above group, which may be stagnant
Achievement City Playground – A replica of Achievement City on the Xbox 360
The “Official” PC Minecraft Achievement City Server – Unofficially “official” I guess?
RT Community Minecraft Server – Another PC server with an advanced economy and set of Let’s Plays


Practicing your penmanship? Working on your writing? Flexing your fiction muscles? These groups are all for aspiring writers, and offer a variety of ways to interact with other writers and improve your own work.

RT Writing Contests – Join up and make DiMono start this up again! He’s slacking.
Room For Writers – Discussion and collaboration. They won’t bite, I promise.
RT Daily Prompt – A (mostly) daily prompt to help writers have a good base to start from
RT Writers – Newer general writing group looking for more members and interaction

Video Projects

Rooster Teeth has been making videos forever, and many people in the community have followed in their footsteps! Since the community first began, talented editors have been making fun videos to share with the world!

Awesome On It’s Own – The original RT community music video collaboration. Someone kick the tires on this group and get it going again!
No Talent Required – Another collaborative music video group that started recently
Community Compilation Music Videos – A BRAND NEW collaborative music video group. Get in on the ground floor!
RT Community Shorts – Aspiring filmmakers, come here to help write, direct, produce, act in, and edit community videos inspired by RT Shorts!
RT Community Productions – Need some help on your latest project? Post here to find actors, editors, and more!
RT Community video and film mass collabs – More community video collaborations! Music videos, dramatic readings, and more!

General Gaming

8-Bit RoosterTeeth – Mentioned above, 8-Bit RT is a game under development by some community members
RT Gaming League – An effort to build an E-Sports group within the RT community! If you’re a fan of competitive gaming, check it out!
Pokemon Trainers – Gotta catch ’em all!
Pokemon Gym Leader/Elite Four Community Challenge – Do you want to be the very best?
Cards Against Humanity – The party game for horrible community members
RoosterTeeth DayZ Clan
Community Steam Group
Rooster Teeth Steam Group
Friendly Casual Gamers
GTA Online
RT XBL Community
Community Reviews
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Gaming
AH Angels

Animation, Art and Graphic Design

Visual Arts Group
Artists for commission
RT Community Artists
Community Animations
Future Animators
Artists Assemble
Rooster Teeth Design
Community ComicsCaiti coordinates them, you write them, you draw them, and we all love them!


RT Secret Santa
Cut Rate Cooking
Rooster Teeth is Fashionable
Rooster Teeth Pun Society
RvBeer – Drink Up


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