Cocktail Party and Charity Auction 2012

July 6th, 2012 was quite a milestone in RT SideQuest’s history. We held our first Cocktail Party and Charity Auction for Child’s Play, at Buffalo Billiards in downtown Austin!

With over 35 amazing items up for auction (some of which we described here on the site) we managed to bring in over $9,000 for Child’s Play! We had over 25 pieces of original art donated by Rooster Teeth Community members, which brought in an average of over $300 each!

For our first auction, I’d call that a success!

Community Items

I am extremely pleased to announce what’s going to be at SideQuest this year! Our many RT community contributors have produced some extraordinary items and I can’t wait for you to see every single piece of artwork, Friday July 6th!

Here is a sampling of what to expect.

To begin with, ladydonut has completed this

shown here in an early stage of production. Sorry we don’t have a printout to show you but the fully colorized, fully detailed work is even more amazing in person!

whit_eboy produced three unhelmeted graphites of Freelancers.

You might’ve seen LeoSerious‘ work. He has made some fine movie posters, two of which will be available in FULL poster size!

Finally, we felt pretty honored to have received this oil on canvas artwork by vaughngogh of Tex and Church, Lock In Key.

Tickets are NO LONGER BEING SOLD! Thank you to everyone who has bought one. We look forward to seeing you there! <3

STEAMFUNK! And other cool items!

In exactly one month, RTX will have begun and SideQuest will be well under way. Seems like a good time for an update on a new item!

As you know, Luke is preparing a few things. Two of them are being signed right now.

You may be familiar with Luke’s Director drawing,

appearing at SideQuest will be the FULL print, with signatures from your favourite cast members. Would you like to know more? Okay. The Director himself, John Reed, has authorized the use of his magnificent voice for this auction item pack. Ever wanted a voicemail from the mastermind of Project Freelancer? Now is your chance!

And that’s not all.

LukeMcKay and DMZilla teamed up to bring us
There will be two copies of ISSUE 0 up for bidding! But only one of them will include this signed and numbered 11″x14″ Print that was only made for people who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign.

Excited? Boy, I can’t wait to show you all the items from our community next!

Remember, if you’re in Austin Thursday already, why not stop by and say hi at The Highball? We still have lots of tickets for Thursday night and we’re giving away two of our Rooster Teeth cut outs as doors prizes!

As a reminder, the last day to have community auction items in is JUNE 13th!

“Not Tucker” by Joel Heyman

The second auction item to be revealed is “Not Tucker”!

Penned in royal blue ink and sporting the familiar negative one (-1)

This charming, abstract work is quite possibly the first portrait by Joel Heyman of his alter-ego, Caboose. To view the whole piece, you’ll have to attend SideQuest! One of you lucky folks will be leaving with this authentic, original snapshot of the legendary Blue Base rookie in all his existential wonder, appearing only at Friday night’s Charity Auction! If you haven’t already, you can pick up tickets here!

Miniature Burnie Statue

Edit: Welcome listeners of the Rooster Teeth Podcast! We didn’t mention it in the original post, but this statue was created by the wonderfully talented Kayla Kromer of! Go give her some love too!

Have you ever heard…

the whole saga…

of how I got… – Burnie Burns

This is our first revealed item for our silent auction benefiting Child’s Play!

WHAT: A miniature Burnie Burns Statue!

“The city of Burnie, Tasmania started to contact me and they wanted the website ( And I made all these outrageous demands like… I will give it to you, as long as you have a… parade in my honor and I get to march in the front of the parade… and you build a statue of me (which I’ll pay for, but you have to put it up in a park somewhere)… where it’s me and I have in an outstretched hand a can of Fosters and tucked under my arm I have a platypus!” (quoted from Rooster Teeth Podcast #21)

WHERE: Gus’ vandalism may have cost Burnie his statue but if you come to the SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction you may leave with your very own! This unique item is only available at our silent auction benefiting Child’s Play on Friday night!

WHY: Wouldn’t you just love to have this guy in front of your city hall?