RTX SideQuest 2015 Charity Auction Preview

This slideshow contains just under HALF of the items that will be up for auction on the first night of RTX SideQuest 2015!

Some items we just don’t have great photos of (But you can see them on Thursday night!) and others we want to be a surprise. And trust us, you’re going to be REALLY surprised by a few of them!

Without further ado…

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RTX SideQuest 2015 FAQ

General FAQ

Q: I have a ticket to an RTX SideQuest event. When is it? Where is it?
A: Check out our new schedule page. In the event of any changes (we don’t expect any) they will be posted there and shared via social media.

Q: What’s the difference between an “All-Access Badge” and a regular ticket?
A: An All-Access Badge is a physical badge that can hang on your lanyard and will get you into all RTX SideQuest events as well as the exclusive SideQuest Lounge on Sunday night. Regular tickets are issued digitally via email and only get you into that specified event.

Q: Do I need to bring my ticket with me to the event?
A: You do not need a physical print-out of your ticket, but we strongly recommend having it as a backup. In most cases your digital ticket/confirmation email should suffice.

Q: Do I need to bring my ID with me to the event?
A: Yes. We check your ID when issuing badges, checking your ticket, and taking payment at the auction. You will also need your ID if you are of age and would like to order drinks.

Q: I can’t make it to RTX SideQuest any more, can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately no. We are too close to the event to issue any refunds. However, feel free to re-sell your ticket to someone else if you would like. Just contact our ticketing staff and let them know who to transfer it to.

Q: I bought a badge/ticket second-hand. How do I know that you have my information correct?
A: If you’d like to double-check, contact our ticketing staff.

Q: How and when do I get my All-Access Badge?
A: We will have pre-registration/badge pickup in the second floor lobby of the Radisson Hotel & Suites starting at 5:00pm on Thursday, August 6th. This is ONLY for people who bought an All-Access Badge. If you only have individual event tickets you do NOT need to pre-register.

Q: Who are the Spectres?
A: The Spectres are our volunteer staff. Most of the time they will be wearing white shirts with “SPECTRE” across the back, but on the night of the Cocktail Party and Charity Auction they will have yellow flowers to identify themselves.

Cocktail Party and Charity Auction

Q: What makes this a “cocktail party”?
A: There will be four cash bar stations where you can purchase drinks. We will also have a selection of snacks and desserts available throughout the night, but likely not enough to consider it a full meal. We recommend planning to eat a normal meal either before or after the auction.

Q: Will this be a sit-down banquet?
A: No. We want our guests to socialize, so the tables will mostly be standing cocktail tables without chairs. There may be a few round banquet tables with limited seating available.

Q: How is the auction conducted? Is it a live auction?
A: Our charity auction is a silent auction. The various items available to bid on will be laid out around the room with bid sheets placed nearby. To bid, simply write your name and your bid amount, keeping in mind any minimum bid increases that may be set for that item.

Q: When the auction ends, how do I get the items I won? Can I just take them?
A: Please do not handle any items until instructed to do so by a Spectre. You will receive your item once we have processed your payment.

Q: How can I pay for any items I won?
A: We will be able to accept just about any debit or credit cards through PayPal Here. We will also accept cash, but we greatly prefer cards. NO personal checks will be accepted.

Q: Will you help me package and ship my items?
A: In situations where the original donor had special packaging, we will attempt to provide that to you. We will also have a small amount of poster tubes available. However, you are largely responsible for your own packing and shipping.

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my donation? Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes, we will issue receipts to the winner of each item. Questions about tax deductions should be directed to your tax advisor.

The SideQuest BarLympics

Q: What are the BarLympics?
A: The BarLympics are a “competitive party” of sorts. Attendees are divided into teams upon arrival and compete to earn points. The winning team has their team name engraved on our trophy, The SideQuest Cup.

Q: How do I select what team I’m on?
A: You don’t directly choose your team. Spectres will place you on a team upon your arrival by marking you with a colored dot. The four teams are cyan, blue, maroon, and orange. If you’d like to end up on a specific team, come dressed appropriately. In most cases we will try to keep groups of friends on the same team and accommodate other requests.

Q: How do I earn points for my team?
A: We will announce these details before the event begins, but in general you earn points by playing opposing team members in various bar and video games. You can also earn points by buying drinks and participating in the Barvenger Craunt, a bar crawl and scavenger hunt that occurs during the middle two hours of the event.

Q: I’m under 21 and can’t drink. What can I do?
A: Lots of things! You’ll be able to earn points for your team by playing pool, darts, shuffleboard, and more, as well as a variety of video games on consoles we’ll hook up around the venue. Keep in mind however that you must remain upstairs at Buffalo Billiards for the duration of the event. Once you head downstairs you won’t be allowed back up. This is the venue’s rule, not ours.

Q: I’m under 18 and can’t even get into Buffalo Billiards. What can I do?
A: We will have a scavenger hunt available for those under 18 who can’t get into Buffalo Billiards (their rule, not ours). It will mostly involve finding and visiting locations seen in various Rooster Teeth videos such as RT Shorts, RT Life, Social Disorder, Immersion, etc, but there may be a few surprises. Each item you complete on the scavenger hunt will earn points for your team. We will also try to livestream the final point tally and award ceremony so you can “be there” when your team emerges victorious!

Q: How will you keep track of points earned by each team?
A: Points will be tracked by the Spectres. Every time you do something that earns you points, you will need to inform the Scorekeeping Spectre.

Q: If I want to stay at Buffalo Billiards but keep track of my team’s Barvenger Craunt, how can I do that?
A: Most Barvenger Craunt items require photo proof. We ask that teams tweet their photos using #BarLympics and #RTSQ. If you follow those tags you can keep tabs on your team.

RTSQ’s RTX After-party and The SideQuest Lounge

Q: What’s the difference between RTSQ’s RTX After-party and The SideQuest Lounge?
A: RTSQ’s RTX After-party is open to anyone with an RTX badge (Over the age of 18. Their rule, not ours) while The SideQuest Lounge is open only to All-Access Badge holders. The SideQuest Lounge takes place upstairs at Buffalo Billiards.

Q: Where can I buy a ticket for RTSQ’s RTX After-party?
A: You already have your ticket if you’ve got an RTX badge!

Farewell to RTX Lunch

Q: Which Salt Lick is the farewell lunch at?
A: We’ll be at the location in Driftwood, Texas.

Q: How do I get to The Salt Lick?
A: You’re responsible for your own transportation. Unfortunately it was cost-prohibitive for us to try to charter a bus. Some community members have begun organizing ride-shares in the RTX 2015 forums.

Q: What time do we eat?
A: Though the event begins at noon, food won’t be served until 12:30pm. Hopefully that gives everyone enough time in case they hit traffic, get lost, etc.

Q: Is there a vegetarian option?
A: ronswanson


Didn’t see your question here? Ask us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr!

Important Information about RTX SideQuest 2014

Note: This post was originally an email to all RTX SideQuest ticket holders. We’re reposting it here just in case anyone did not receive it.


RTX (and therefore RTX SideQuest) is almost here! This email contains EVERYTHING you need to know about RTX SideQuest 2014, so be sure to read it carefully!

RTX SideQuest 2014 Event Schedule:

Thursday, July 3rd, 8pm-12am: Cocktail Party and Charity Auction at the Radisson Hotel and Suites

Bidding will begin at 8pm and will close around 11:15pm. We’re also premiering our video of Barbara going Over the Edge on this night!

Saturday, July 5th, 10pm-2am: The SideQuest BarLympics at Buffalo Billiards

The competition will begin around 10:15pm, and the winning team will be announced at around 1:45am. The Barvenger Craunt will begin at 11:30pm and teams must return by 1:30am. The cosplay contest will begin at 11:45pm.

Sunday, July 6th, 9pm-12am: The SideQuest Lounge (ALL-Access Badge holders ONLY)

Monday, July 7th, 1pm-4pm: Farewell to RTX Lunch at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX

Food will be served from around 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

All-Access badge holders will have the schedule on the back of their badges, and we will also put the schedule up on our website. If you have any questions regarding the schedule or the events, you may reply to this email, but FIRST please read on as we’ve tried to address many frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about RTX SideQuest

  1. Is there an early registration option this year? Yes! We’ve heard your concerns about last year and have taken steps to make registration go faster in 2014. This year, we will offer Early Registration to all of our All-Access Badge holders. Those who have purchased an All-Access Badge may come check in and claim their badge and their badge-holder perks on Thursday, July 3rd from 5 pm to 7 pm. Upon entering the Radisson lobby, locate the central stairway leading up to the 2nd floor. The Early Registration area will be visible once you reach the top of the stairs, and our friendly Spectre volunteers can help you get everything squared away.Note: if you did not purchase an All-Access Badge, you will not be able to register early.
  3. Can I get into an RTX SideQuest event by showing my RTX badge? No. An RTX badge does not entitle you to entry into an RTX SideQuest event. You must have purchased either an RTX SideQuest All-Access Badge (which you need to bring with you to each of our events!) or an “a la carte” ticket to whichever event you are trying to get into. You will not be allowed entry into an RTX SideQuest event if you have not purchased a ticket.
  4. Can I buy a ticket at the door? We may have some tickets available at the door for the Cocktail Party and Charity Auction, but all of our other events are full. If we have tickets available at the door for the Auction they will be $70 and will be first-come, first-served.
  5. I only bought tickets for some of the events. Do I need to come to an earlier event to check in? No. Please do not come to an event for which you did not buy a ticket, even if you have the intention of checking in for a different night’s event. You will not be able to check in to an event until it starts on the scheduled night.
  6. I live in the Austin area and/or am driving to RTX. Where can I park for RTX SideQuest? For the Cocktail Party and Charity Auction, you may park in the Radisson’s parking garage. The Radisson will validate your parking at the end of the auction. However, be warned that there is limited parking available in their garage and validation is on a first come, first served basis. For the BarLympics and the SideQuest Lounge, you will have to find street parking in downtown Austin or else find a private garage or lot to pay to park in. For our event at the Salt Lick, you may park in the Salt Lick’s parking lot for free.
  7. Will there be food at the events? Yes! We will have a nice spread of food at the Auction, and a full all-you-can-eat barbecue lunch at Salt Lick. At the events that take place at Buffalo Billiards, you may purchase your own food from Buffalo Billiards before the kitchen closes. Alternatively, those who are over 21 may leave Buffalo Billiards to get food from another location and then come back in. If you are between the ages of 18 and 21, Buffalo Billiards will not allow you back in once you leave. 
  8. Will there be drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at the events?? Yes! There will be a cash bar at our Auction. At the BarLympics and SideQuest lounge, drinks may be purchased from Buffalo Billiards, which has a full bar. The Salt Lick is BYOB, so you may buy beverages ahead of time and bring your own to our Farewell Lunch. We will also have tea and water available at Salt Lick.
  9. What should I wear to your events? We kick off the weekend with our Cocktail Party and Charity Auction, a fancy party for which people dress somewhere between business casual and semi-formal. If you need more guidance than that, please check the RT SideQuest is Fashionable posts on our website. Take note, we won’t throw anyone out for being underdressed, but we do want to avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable because they showed up in shorts and a t-shirt while everyone else is wearing suits.
    All of our other events are casual/informal dress. Remember to wear your preferred team color to the BarLympics if you have a particular team you want to be on! We are also having a cosplay contest at the BarLympics this year! If you are planning to participate in the cosplay contest, please DO NOT BRING COSPLAY WEAPONS as you may not be allowed into the venue. Additionally, if a portion of your costume covers your face (a mask, helmet, etc.), you will need to be prepared to remove that portion of your costume so that the bouncers and bartenders can check your ID.
    Note: If you are an RTX Guardian, you will not be permitted to enter our events while wearing a Guardian shirt, even if you have bought a ticket. We have several Guardians on our crew, and they’re going to help enforce the Guardian rules.
  10. What will I need to bring to pay for any auction items I win? We can accept payment in the form of cash or card. Cards can be any major provider. We do not accept checks. Additionally, you will need to present an ID when you claim your item so we can be sure your item is going to you, and that someone else isn’t trying to take it instead.
  11. Do you have any other prizes at your events? Yes! We will have door prizes, and everyone who purchased a ticket to our events has a chance to win!
  12. I won’t have a car with me for RTX. How do I get to the Salt Lick?
  13. We have a ride share forum in our group page on the Rooster Teeth site! The event officially starts at 1:00pm, but you may arrive as early as 12:30 to check in and start mingling! Food will be served at 1:30.
  14. What kinds of items are you auctioning off? All kinds! We have art (prints and canvases), jewelry, sculptures and lots of other great stuff! Our SideQuest Signature Series, RT Renaissance, can’t be missed! Check out our auction page and our gallery for more details.

Have a question that wasn’t covered in this email? Feel free to reply and ask, or ask us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/rtsidequest

We’ll see you in a few days!

-The RT SideQuest Team

Welcome to RTX SideQuest 2013!

Tonight RTX SideQuest 2013 kicks off with our Cocktail Party and Charity Auction to benefit Child’s Play! We’re starting the party at 8pm, and running all the way until midnight. At 9:30pm the City of Austin fireworks display begins, and we’ll have a great viewing spot from the roof of the Radisson Hotel & Suites parking garage! We’ve got tons of great auction items, food, and fun! There’s no better way to kick off the RTX weekend!

Tomorrow, RTX proper begins and we’ll be on the expo hall floor at booth #417 with lots of awesome shirts and bandanas and buttons and other ways to make money for Make-A-Wish. Be sure to come by and check out our Community Corner, where we’ll be helping RTX attendees find ways to get more involved in the RT Community!

Saturday night we’re going to paint the town red (and blue) with the return of the RT SideQuest BarLympics. Which team will conquer the Barvenger Craunt? The SideQuest Cup hangs in the balance!

Sunday night our All-Access badge holders will be able to come out to our RTX Wrap Up party at the SideQuest Lounge (Upstairs at Buffalo Billiards), where we’ll be announcing our donation totals for both Make-A-Wish and Child’s Play!

And finally, on Monday we’ll head out to Salt Lick in Driftwood for some authentic Texas barbeque. Be sure to bring your own beverages (adult or otherwise), because we’re only providing the food.

We’ll be streaming as much as we can from our events via USTREAM. You can either visit our channel page or check out the embedded stream below!

Streaming Live by Ustream

If you’re out at RTX 2013, be sure to drop by our booth to say hello! See you soon!

Auction Mega-Post

As of right now, you have 23 hours and 30 minutes left to purchase tickets to our auction. Here’s a mega gallery of auction items (that STILL only accounts for a small portion of what will be present on July 4th!) to help convince you that you need to get a ticket ASAP! They won’t be sold at the door!

Comics and Owls and Spartans! Oh My!

Some of you still don’t believe that we’re building the greatest Rooster Teeth auction in history. Well today I’m going to try to convince you once and for all by showing off items from two Rooster Teeth legends and a tiny preview of our amazing array of unique Halo merchandise! And without further ado…


First up, we’ve got comics by Luke McKay!

We’re going to have a FULL SET of Balls 2 That, signed by Luke, and a special Issue #0 of Steamfunk, a collaboration between Luke and Eric Doty (aka DMZilla). Check ’em out!




If Luke is one Rooster Teeth legend, who could the second be? How about the most badass, art creating, chainsaw wielding lady out there: Griffon Ramsey! We’ve got a one-of-a-kind piece from Griffon in our auction, a chainsaw carved owl!



And of course, where would Rooster Teeth be without Halo? We’ve got a TON of special Halo merchandise in our auction that’ll be spread throughout a variety of different bundles and such. Check out this quick sample!

Between these and the rest of the auction items we’ve shown off in regular posts, in the SideQuest Spotlight, and in Project 10, how could you possibly let this event pass you by? There’s not much time left to get your tickets to the auction! They’ll only be on sale until June 27th, and we don’t expect to have any available to sell at the door! What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!