Welcome to RTX SideQuest 2013!

Tonight RTX SideQuest 2013 kicks off with our Cocktail Party and Charity Auction to benefit Child’s Play! We’re starting the party at 8pm, and running all the way until midnight. At 9:30pm the City of Austin fireworks display begins, and we’ll have a great viewing spot from the roof of the Radisson Hotel & Suites parking garage! We’ve got tons of great auction items, food, and fun! There’s no better way to kick off the RTX weekend!

Tomorrow, RTX proper begins and we’ll be on the expo hall floor at booth #417 with lots of awesome shirts and bandanas and buttons and other ways to make money for Make-A-Wish. Be sure to come by and check out our Community Corner, where we’ll be helping RTX attendees find ways to get more involved in the RT Community!

Saturday night we’re going to paint the town red (and blue) with the return of the RT SideQuest BarLympics. Which team will conquer the Barvenger Craunt? The SideQuest Cup hangs in the balance!

Sunday night our All-Access badge holders will be able to come out to our RTX Wrap Up party at the SideQuest Lounge (Upstairs at Buffalo Billiards), where we’ll be announcing our donation totals for both Make-A-Wish and Child’s Play!

And finally, on Monday we’ll head out to Salt Lick in Driftwood for some authentic Texas barbeque. Be sure to bring your own beverages (adult or otherwise), because we’re only providing the food.

We’ll be streaming as much as we can from our events via USTREAM. You can either visit our channel page or check out the embedded stream below!

Streaming Live by Ustream

If you’re out at RTX 2013, be sure to drop by our booth to say hello! See you soon!

Auction Mega-Post

As of right now, you have 23 hours and 30 minutes left to purchase tickets to our auction. Here’s a mega gallery of auction items (that STILL only accounts for a small portion of what will be present on July 4th!) to help convince you that you need to get a ticket ASAP! They won’t be sold at the door!

Comics and Owls and Spartans! Oh My!

Some of you still don’t believe that we’re building the greatest Rooster Teeth auction in history. Well today I’m going to try to convince you once and for all by showing off items from two Rooster Teeth legends and a tiny preview of our amazing array of unique Halo merchandise! And without further ado…


First up, we’ve got comics by Luke McKay!

We’re going to have a FULL SET of Balls 2 That, signed by Luke, and a special Issue #0 of Steamfunk, a collaboration between Luke and Eric Doty (aka DMZilla). Check ‘em out!




If Luke is one Rooster Teeth legend, who could the second be? How about the most badass, art creating, chainsaw wielding lady out there: Griffon Ramsey! We’ve got a one-of-a-kind piece from Griffon in our auction, a chainsaw carved owl!



And of course, where would Rooster Teeth be without Halo? We’ve got a TON of special Halo merchandise in our auction that’ll be spread throughout a variety of different bundles and such. Check out this quick sample!

Between these and the rest of the auction items we’ve shown off in regular posts, in the SideQuest Spotlight, and in Project 10, how could you possibly let this event pass you by? There’s not much time left to get your tickets to the auction! They’ll only be on sale until June 27th, and we don’t expect to have any available to sell at the door! What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!


Ahhhhh… California. A land of… sun? Beaches?

Honestly I have no idea what’s out there. I’ve been to California all of two times and I saw very little but learned quite a lot. You people (Yes, I mean “you people”) are missing out. “On what?” you might ask.

On MEAT. Delicious barbequed meats.

Lucky for you, California RTXers! You’re going to be in Austin, Texas soon! And RTSQ’s favorite California transplant and Director of Media, Alec (aka Legato2d), wants to show you just what you’re missing.

The plan is to have a California RTXers Meat and Green (You know, like Meet and Greet, but… different) on the first night of RTX. What is a Meat and Green, you ask? Well it’s pretty simple: Those of you Golden State-ers wanting to get a taste of Austin can head out to The Green Mesquite for some barbequed MEAT, and follow it up with a round (or two)of mini-golf on the GREENs of the Austin classic, Peter Pan Mini Golf! (See what we did there?)

Not from California but still want to Meat and Green? I’m sure they won’t mind if you want to join. They don’t bite (as far as I know)

Did I mention that Peter Pan is BYOB? Because it is. Just don’t bring glass bottles, and don’t be dumb, and this will be the best mini golf that you’ve ever played!

Event Summary

RTSQ Presents: CARMAG (California RTXers Meat and Green)
Where? The Green Mesquite and Peter Pan Mini Golf
When? July 5th, 2013, 8:00pm-Midnight (Or later!)
Community Group: California RTX’ers
Community Contact: Legato2d

RTSQ Presents: Blazer Tag with RvB:TX

As RTX grows closer and closer, we’re filling out the rest of our schedule with awesome things for you to do when the convention isn’t open. As you know, we’re working with several RT community groups to help them host their own events, as part of RTSQ Presents.rvbtx

Today we’re announcing the second of our RTSQ Presents lineup… the fine folks over at RvB:TX will be hosting a SideQuest classic: Blazer Tag!

SideQuest Blazer Tag started at the first RTX with a handful of SideQuesters heading down to play a few games after playing capture the flag on the lawn of the Texas capitol building. Sound familiar? (Hint: Capture the Capitol is BACK!). During year two, we turned Blazer Tag into a ticketed event with an enormous turnout. We rented out the entire complex for several hours and had TONS of fun! We even had a truck from Chi’Lantro come out to serve food!

Now, through RTSQ Presents, RvB:TX is bringing you another year of Blazer Tag at RTX!

On Sunday, July 7th, just after the doors of RTX close, you’ll be able to head down to Blazer Tag in South Austin for a couple hours of fun in the state’s largest laser tag arena. What better way to vent your frustration at the fact that you are an ENTIRE YEAR away from the next RTX? I mean, just look at the fun everyone had last year!

For at least two action packed hours there will be battles, arcade games, and fun times for everyone! Blazer Tag usually charges over $8 per person per game, but with such a large group we’ll be able to get the group rate of $7.25 per game! Of course, you’ll want to bring cash so you can pay as one group to get the special rate. Oh, and of course food, drinks, and arcade games will be your own responsibility.

Since this is one of the more logistically complex events, we need your input! First, we’d like to have a rough idea of how many people will show up. This will help us plan accordingly. The more people, the more stuff might be included!

Second, last year we (SideQuest) had a shuttle going from the convention center to Blazer Tag. RvB:TX would like to have one again this year, but they need to know how many people will actually need and use it. Since they won’t have money from ticket sales to use for the shuttle, if there’s enough interest they’ll set up a donation system. And if they get enough donations, they might even be able to include some extra stuff like free food, game tokens, or free games of Blazer Tag!

The crew at RvB:TX have set up the survey below:

That’s all for today! A big thanks to RvB:TX for offering to host Blazer Tag this year! We hope to see everyone there!

Event Summary

RTSQ Presents: Blazer Tag with RvB:TX
Where? Blazer Tag
When? July 7th, 2013, 7:00pm-9:00pm (Tentative)
Community Group: RvB:TX
Community Contact: Radius55, BlackPenguin, Steffie

RT Community Art

I was going to do a post for each of these pieces individually (And still will!) but I really couldn’t wait to show you some of the super awesome artwork created by the Rooster Teeth Community for our auction!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting each piece and artist individually right here on our site.

All of these pieces (and more!) will be available at our auction the night before RTX. Be sure to get your ticket now if you want to attend and see what other cool pieces we have to auction off!

Preview: The SideQuest BarLympics 2013

Start training now. In three months and one day, the second annual RTX SideQuest BarLympics will kick off, and the fight for the SideQuest Cup will rage all over Austin for one glorious night!

Last year, the reds and blues competed in a variety of events to try and claim the SideQuest Cup. Both sides fought valiantly, but there could be only one victor. The red team walked away triumphant, their deeds forever enshrined in video, and on the side of the cup itself.


This year, things will be different. Reds, it won’t be so easy. Blues, you’ll have to work hard if you want to beat the reds. Freelancers, you’ll <CONTENT REDACTED>.

We’re going to be back at Buffalo Billiards, but with even more events to participate in. You’ll be able to earn points for your team by playing bar games (Like pool, darts, shuffleboard, air hockey, etc), video games (Console games, arcade games, etc), drinking challenges (Ex: Every local beer is 1pt, every drink made with a local liquor is 3pts, etc), and of course the Barvenger Craunt (A bar/pub crawl combined with a scavenger hunt!).

This year we’re also introducing a few new events for the younger/non-drinking crowd, including an RT Shorts Scavenger Hunt (Find locations featured in RT Shorts!) and we’re bringing back a favorite from RTX 2011: Capture the Capitol!

I’ll be updating this post with more information as the event draws near.

Now get back to your training!

Event Summary:

RTX SideQuest 2013: The SideQuest BarLympics
Where? Buffalo Billiards (And other locations) in downtown Austin
When? July 6th, 2013, 10:00pm-2:00am
Wearing? Team colors! Red (Lightish included) or blue, of course.
Tickets Here

Alamo Drafthouse Bundles!

Have you been living under a rock? If so, then you might not know that in honor of RoosterTeeth’s 10th anniversary we are starting to unveil some of the items that will be available at our auction on July 4th right before RTX.

If the posters we unveiled yesterday didn’t impress you, maybe you’ll like what we have in store for you today! We’ve all heard the RT crew talk about the amazing Alamo Drafthouse, and just about every RT fan I’ve talked to wants to go at some point in their life. Well the Alamo wants to help make that trip even more special for a few RTX SideQuest attendees!


We have two bundles of Drafthouse merchandise, popcorn and drink vouchers, and gift certificates that were graciously donated by the Drafthouse for our auction! If you’re planning to visit the Drafthouse while in Austin for RTX, do it in style with one of these bundles! Each one has a shirt, a popcorn and fountain drink voucher, and a $10 food and drink certificate, along with a few more goodies!


One of the bundles is designed to be a “date night” package, so if you and a special someone want to spend an evening taking in a movie at the best theater around you can do so with some awesome Alamo Drafthouse pint glasses full of beer, free popcorn, and more!

A special thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse for donating these items for auction!

Are you not pleased? Well we’re really going to blow you away with what we have to show off tomorrow next…

Exclusive Halo 4 Launch Posters!

Today we’re revealing the first of our 2013 auction items… a trio of exclusive signed Halo 4 launch posters!

IMG_2537These posters were handed out at the Halo 4 launch party at the Microsoft Store in Austin, Texas. Two of them depict maps from the game (Erosion and Abandon), while the other is of Master Chief and Cortana.

IMG_2532The posters are all signed by a whole host of awesome people, including members of Certain Affinity, 343 Industries, and of course, Rooster Teeth!


If you look closely you can see signatures from Alison Stroll, Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Monty Oum, Stephen Toulouse, and more!


These wonderful posters will be framed by the time the auction comes around, so you won’t have to worry about them being damaged!

What do you think? A good reveal for our first auction item?

Not impressed? Well maybe you should come back tomorrow for a bit of theater

Announcing: The SideQuest Lounge

When we first put our All-Access Badge up for sale, we promised you that we’d be adding new events and benefits to it throughout the months leading up to RTX SideQuest. Today we’re announcing the first of those: The SideQuest Lounge!

Sunday night, after RTX wraps up, we’ll have the upstairs area of Buffalo Billiards (The same place we’re holding the BarLympics) rented out again exclusively for our badge holders. You’ll be able to head upstairs, hang out, and have a few drinks without having to worry about navigating the crowded streets of downtown Austin.

You can use the lounge as a place to unwind after a crazy weekend, a meeting spot for friends you didn’t get a chance to see during RTX, or just another fun night filled with bar and arcade games without the pressure of competing for the SideQuest Cup.

That’s just the first of what we hope will be many extra benefits to buying an all-access badge! We hope to reveal more bonuses and the design of these badges soon!