Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Rooster Rumble is finally here, and we’re going toe-to-toe with the Ladies of Rooster Teeth community group in our first match!

What’s Rooster Rumble? It’s a community-wide competition pitting groups against each other for glory and bragging rights! We were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in “Season 1” of Rooster Rumble, and we’re kicking things off TONIGHT with our match against the Ladies.

What’re we playing? If you’ve been to one of our “RTSQ for…”  streams over the last year, you may have heard us talk about playing “Game of Thrones”. No, not THAT one.  This Game of Thrones is a special Halo 4 gametype inspired by the book and TV series.

Halo 4: Game of Thrones is a game of controlled chaos. It can be played either as a free-for-all or as a team game. Either way, the goal is to become the sole king of the realm by eliminating everyone else who makes a claim to the throne. Sure, you can do that by just straight up killing everyone, but it’s MUCH more fun and efficient if you’re sneaky and ASSASSINATE them!


In Game of Thrones, the current king (The leading scorer, either on your team or overall depending on if you’re playing teams or not) is immensely strong. His armor is almost impossible to pierce, and he crushes his opponents with his hammer like bugs. However, his crown weighs him down, and he can’t move as quickly as everyone around him. That makes him vulnerable to assassinations, which are worth a TON of points (compared to regular kills).

The free-for-all version of Game of Thrones is based on the King of the Hill gametype. Move to the hill to earn points and become the king, but watch your back! Its soft and squishy and looks like a great place for a knife!


For team Game of Thrones (What we’ll be playing in our Rumble match!), you play a modified version of Regicide. Killing the opposing soldiers is easy and not worth many points, but you CAN win the game that way. As you may expect, assassinations are the way to go. Don’t leave your king unprotected though! While he DOES have a gravity hammer and loads of shielding, he’s REALLY slow! You’ll have to use teamwork to both defend your king AND set up attacks on the opposing king. Oh, and be mindful of your scores, because the leading scorer on your team will always become the king when your old one dies.

After our Rumble match, we’ll share out the gametype files in case YOU want to start playing Game of Thrones with your friends!

And if you want to see the game in action, join us TONIGHT at 8PM Central time at http://twitch.tv/rtsidequest to cheer us on against the Ladies of Rooster Teeth! We promise it’ll be fun!

RTSQ for Extra Life – Let’s Rock!

Last year at RTSQ for Extra Life we managed to raise just over $5,000 for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and enjoyed some lovely dancing to classical music…

This year, we’re going to ROCK!

Join us on Extra Life Game Day, November 7th, at Gamerz Galaxy in Austin for a 24-hour gaming marathon! We’ll also be livestreaming on Twitch, so everyone can join in the fun, charity, and giveaways via our Twitch chat!

Gamerz Galaxy is an AWESOME local and family-owned game store in Austin complete with a cool LAN area that we use for our livestreams. We’ll have consoles hooked up to their projector and several TVs, but you’re welcome to bring your own games, consoles, or TVs as well to complete your own 24-hour marathon for Extra Life!

Thanks to Harmonix, this year’s RTSQ for Extra Life is going to feature more music than ever with Rock Band and Dance Central! We’ve also got a box full of giveaway goodies from Harmonix!

Not a fan of music games? Don’t worry! We’ll also play crowd favorites like Jackbox Party Pack, Halo 3: ODST (ODSTea Time!), Halo 4 (Game of Thrones!), Super Smash Brothers, and more! And, of course, we’ll be watching Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream (Assuming it’s on the same day) as a group!

Finally, it wouldn’t be an “RTSQ for…” event if we didn’t have some fun giveaways! We’ve got quite a few cool things to give out throughout the event, but one of the coolest things is something that will keep you warm in the winter… a hard-to-get Twitch purple hoodie!

We’ve got a few of the hoodies to give away, but we’re promising one to the TOP DONATION EARNER on our Extra Life Team! Our goal is $5,000, but you can help us BEAT it by asking your friends and family to donate to the cause! When you sign up for Extra Life, you can choose to raise money for your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital to keep all donations in your local community! Help us help kids in need with an Extra Life!

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