RT DriveQuest for AbleGamers

 Edit: Our schedule is up! Check it out at https://tiltify.com/events/rt-drivequest-for-ablegamers/


Start your engines gamers, because it’s time for a DriveQuest! We’re going to help our new friends from RTX, The AbleGamers Foundation, raise money for their “Driving Home Accessibility” campaign to create a mobile accessibility lab that they can drive to conventions, hospitals, care facilities, and more!

We’ll start our RT DriveQuest for AbleGamers at 11am this Saturday (September 13th). We’ll be virtually driving for 24 hours in Austin at Gamerz Galaxy and we’ll be streaming the whole thing on Twitch. With competitions and free-play in games like Mario Kart, Trials, Grand Theft Auto, and more, as well as a bunch of giveaways and prizes it’s bound to be a ton of fun! Come out and join us either in-person at Gamerz Galaxy or online and help us raise money and awareness for AbleGamers!

You can donate, watch the stream, and follow our progress at our Tiltify page at http://tiltify.com/events/rt-drivequest-for-ablegamers

We’re also planning a couple of special events for our stream, including a demo of the soon-to-be-released indie game, Roundabout!


Not only is it a driving game (Okay, we’ll, it’s SORT OF a driving game. Technically it’s a open-world driving puzzle game), but the cool folks at No Goblin have made a point to add several features that AbleGamers recommends (via their Includification guide) to make games more accessible.

Other events we have planned include…

  • A Skype call with some of the AbleGamers team to answer questions about their mission and how to make games that are accessible to everyone!
  • GTA5 play-date with RT Community group The Angels!
  • Live competitions in Trials, Mario Kart, and more for FABULOUS* prizes!
  • And more, possibly terrible things, depending on how much we raise…

We’re still hashing out a schedule for all of those things and we’ll post as soon as it’s finalized. For now, keep an eye on our Tiltify page and make plans to join us on Saturday! With YOUR help, AbleGamers will be able to continue to make sure that everyone can game!



Awesomeness Awaits

Well hello there!

Has everyone recovered from RTX? We hope so, because we’re about to spin up the rest of our events for the rest of 2014! Without further ado…

PAX PrimeQuest 2014


That’s right! PAX PrimeQuest is BACK! After taking a year off last year, we’re bringing back our PAX Prime meet-up for RT Community members by getting together at Elephant & Castle! This Friday night we’ll gather together at Elephant & Castle in Seattle to enjoy some snacks, drinks, and good old-fashioned RT Community togetherness. We have limited space available, so if you’re interested in joining us be sure to get your ticket ASAP!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay Matt. You put the challenge out to the RT Community, and we’ve accepted it. But RTSQ has a Board of Directors made up of five people, how do we decide which one of us should do the Ice Bucket Challenge? Let’s see…

  • It probably shouldn’t be Grady, Julia, or Alec, since they’re all located in Austin and they’re in the middle of a drought with water restrictions and stuff.
  • It probably shouldn’t be Garrett, because he lives in Arkansas and we’re not entirely sure they have running water in that state.
  • And finally, it probably shouldn’t be Dom, because he’s in Canada which we’ve been told is so cold that there’s no liquid water in the entire country. It’s all just ice.

So where does that leave us? How about we make a $500 donation to The ALS Association ($100 for each director) and issue a new challenge to the RT Community? Instead of challenging just three of you, we’d like to challenge ALL of you to head over to http://www.alsa.org/about-als/what-is-als.html and read more about ALS and consider responding in your own way, either with a new Ice Bucket Challenge video OR with a donation! We’d also like for you to consider joining in our NEXT event…

RT DriveQuest for AbleGamers

The RT Community was introduced to The AbleGamers Foundation, a great charity that helps improve the lives of people with disabilities through the power of video games, at RTX 2014. AbleGamers helps by reaching out to disabled gamers and providing accessibility reviews, consulting with developers on how to make their games more accessibility, and by providing grants for assistive technology for gamers, They have an ongoing campaign called “Driving Home Accessibility” that we want to help with! Driving Home Accessibility’s goal is to create an awesome van stuffed full of cool accessibility technology that AbleGamers can take to hospitals, VA centers, care facilities, and shows like PAX and RTX!

To help out the Driving Home Accessibility campaign, we’re going to be hosting a 24-hour gaming marathon in mid-September! On September 13th we’ll gather to raise money for AbleGamers and DHA, and we’ll need the help of the RT Community to make it successful! We’ll have an in-person part of the marathon in Austin (Location TBD), but we’ll also be playing online so that the entire RT Community can join in the fun! As the name “DriveQuest” implies, we’ll be mostly playing driving games like Mario Kart, Trials, GTA, and more! So keep your calendar open and help us Drive Home Accessibility for AbleGamers in September! We’ll have more information soon on how you can join our team!

RT SideQuest for Extra Life

In addition to RT DriveQuest for AbleGamers, we’ve also got our second annual RT SideQuest for Extra Life coming up. We’ll have another 24-hour marathon in Austin and online on October 25th to support Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network hospitals! Our venue is still to-be-determined, but we’ll definitely be livestreaming like we did last year as well as playing with RT Community members all over the world!

If you’d like to get a head-start on the festivities, join our team at http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=register.start&eventID=520&teamID=14310, start asking your friends and family for donations, and get ready to game for the kids!

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